Heart Centered Entrepreneur Academy

Are you an Aspiring Heart-Centered Entrepreneur looking for the Secret to Running an Energized + Highly Successful business?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Working hours a day, but still not able to quit the day job or not able to make enough money to support your family
  • Passionate about what you do, but do not know where to start
  • You’re spinning your wheels and going in a million directions, wasting time, & energy 
  • You lack the confidence to put yourself out their, even though you know what you offer will truly serve
  • Confused about how to use all this social media & confused about how to use it to convey the true value of your gifts & work to potential clients
  • Sales feel icky

Don’t reinvent the wheel, I am giving you all the tools to make it super-simple for you reach more ideal clients & build a heart centered business that’s successful and will serve those in need. 

I created this program because others asked how I was able to run countless successful businesses over the past 20 years.

Is this Academy right for you?

-Are you ready to serve, not sell? When you serve your program and services sell themselves.

-Are you ready to turn your passion into a lucrative business?

-Are you ready for all the tools to set your foundation, set up your business & launch?

-Are you ready to grow your tribe while you sleep?

-Do you want to attract your ideal client with ease?

-Are you ready to create Services and Programs that sell effortlessly?

Whats included in this program?

-Exclusive Facebook Group

-6 Week Intensive Business Program 

-Unlimited Messaging with me

-Step by Step program to start and launch a business

Here is what we will cover in the 6 weeks

*Course Introduction

*What, Why, How & Supplies

*Set Your Foundation

-Self Awareness & Assessment

-Goal setting & Motivation

-Self Sabotage & Professional Development

-Time Management & Risk Taking

-Self Care, Boundaries, Burnout & Outsource Hiring

-Finding Your Niche

* Branding & Image

-Image & Branding



-First Impressions

-Acting Listening

*Defining Your Target Marketing

-Target Marketing

-Ideal Client

-Services & Expanding Services

*Start Up

-Scope Out Competition

-Legal Setup

-Financial Analysis

-Business Name, Policies & Procedures

-Location & Zoning

-Licenses & Permits



-Business Software/Website

*Business Plan




-Cooperation & Competition

-Latest Trends

-Types of Organic Marketing

-Types of Paid Marketing

-Technology/Social Media Marketing

-Creating an email list

*Social Media





-Snap Chap


-You Tube


-Live Video

*Developing Your Online Products & Offers

-Finding a Product Program

-Mini Offer

-Product Offer

-Beta Testing

-Keeping Clients for Life

-Creating Freemium's & Opt-in Pages

-Sales Funnels

* Retail Products

-License & Insurance

-Drop Ship

-Inventory Products

-Network Marketing

-Affiliate Marketing

-Your Developed & Manufactured Item

-Online Store

*Action Plan

-Marketing & Social Media Plan

-Feedback & Testimonials

-Wrapping things up



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