Launch or Level Up Your Business in 6 Weeks

Are you a  Heart-Centered Entrepreneur looking for the Secret to Running an Energized + Highly Successful business?






Finding Your Niche

Niching down is important as there are  so many holistic Healers in the industry. We help you find your Niche.

Serve not Sell

It is ethical to charge for your Healing Services. Some people in the wellness industry have self-limiting beliefs about charging money when it comes to healing work. 

Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Turning your passion into a business means you no longer have to call your income a job. Its a heart centered business. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You are working hours a day, but still not able to quit the day job or not able to make enough money to support your family. You are passionate about what you do, but do not know where to start. You’re spinning your wheels and going in a million directions, wasting time, & energy. You lack the confidence to put yourself out their, even though you know what you offer will truly serve. You are confused about how to use all this social media & turn the true value of your gifts & work into serving potential clients. Sales feel icky!




Don’t reinvent the wheel, I am giving you all the tools to make it super-simple for you reach more ideal clients & build a heart centered business that’s successful and will serve those in need. 

I created this program because others asked how I was able to run countless successful businesses over the past 20 years.

Is this Academy right for you?

-Are you ready to serve, not sell? When you serve your program and services sell themselves.

-Are you ready to turn your passion into a lucrative business?

-Are you ready for all the tools to set your foundation, set up your business & launch?

-Are you ready to grow your tribe while you sleep?

-Do you want to attract your ideal client with ease?

-Are you ready to create Services and Programs that sell effortlessly?

Whats included in this program?

-Exclusive Facebook Group

-6 Week Intensive Business Program 

-Unlimited Messaging with me

-Step by Step program to start and launch a business

Here is what we will cover in the 12 weeks

*Course Introduction

*What, Why, How & Supplies

*Set Your Foundation

-Self Awareness & Assessment

-Goal setting & Motivation

-Self Sabotage & Professional Development

-Time Management & Risk Taking

-Self Care, Boundaries, Burnout & Outsource Hiring

-Finding Your Niche

* Branding & Image

-Image & Branding



-First Impressions

-Acting Listening

*Defining Your Target Marketing

-Target Marketing

-Ideal Client

-Services & Expanding Services

*Start Up

-Scope Out Competition

-Legal Setup

-Financial Analysis

-Business Name, Policies & Procedures

-Location & Zoning

-Licenses & Permits



-Business Software/Website

*Business Plan




-Cooperation & Competition

-Latest Trends

-Types of Organic Marketing

-Types of Paid Marketing

-Technology/Social Media Marketing

-Creating an email list

*Social Media





-Snap Chap


-You Tube


-Live Video

*Developing Your Online Products & Offers

-Finding a Product Program

-Mini Offer

-Product Offer

-Beta Testing

-Keeping Clients for Life

-Creating Freemium's & Opt-in Pages

-Sales Funnels

* Retail Products

-License & Insurance

-Drop Ship

-Inventory Products

-Network Marketing

-Affiliate Marketing

-Your Developed & Manufactured Item

-Online Store

*Action Plan

-Marketing & Social Media Plan

-Feedback & Testimonials

-Wrapping things up


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